Clan McGillivray BadgeClann GhillebhraithClan MacGillivray Tartan

Commander: Iain D. MacGillivray



A Clan of great antiquity which originated in the west, they were the first ‘not of the blood’ in Clan Chattan, having sought protection of the Mackintosh in 1268.

They shared the fortunes of Clan Chattan for 5 centuries and faithfully followed the Mackintoshes. Dunmaglass in Strathnairn was their centre from an early time. Their Chief Alasdair Ruadh, led the Mackintosh Regiment during the ’45 and fell at the ‘Well of the Dead’ on Culloden Field.

There has been no recognised Chief since 1914, however, The Lord Lyon, in 2016 appointed a new Clan Commander.

Motto: Touch Not this Cat

Clan Badge: Red Whortleberry

Septs: Gilroy, MacGillivoor, MacGilroy, MacGilvra, Macgilvray, Macilroy, Macilvrae.

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