Captain Alwyne Farquharson
Captain Alwyne Farquharson

It is with great sadness that we must inform members of the Clan Chattan Association of the death of Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld, on October 6th 2021, at the age of 102.

Captain Farquharson was both Chief of Clan Farquharson and Chieftain of the Ballater Highland Games. He is believed to have been the longest serving Clan Chief in Scottish History. He was dedicated to his role and touched many hearts. The Clan Chattan Association wishes to convey deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Madam Farquharson and family. He will be dearly missed.

The late Chiefs funeral will be held at Brancaster Church on October 22nd at 2pm.

There will be a full appreciation in the 2022 edition of the Touch Not Magazine.

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Image of William MacPherson of Cluny

It is with heartfelt sadness that we must inform our members of the death of Sir William Macpherson of Cluny.

As 27th Chief of the Clan Macpherson he was a Vice President of the Clan Chattan Association and maintained an active and lively support over many years.

He will be sadly missed but very fondly remembered.

There will be a tribute in the 2021 Touch Not Magazine

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Touch Not 2021 is now printed and members should be receiving their copy soon.

Thank you to all who contributed to this years magazine, I hope you all enjoy its content.

It is now time to consider sending something for Touch Not 2022.


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The 2021 Association gathering has been cancelled.

The council are, however planning a ‘Virtual AGM’ around early August. We would encourage as many members as possible to participate.

Please check the website for updates.

The Council
Clan Chattan Association

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I do hope that you and your nearest and dearest are safe and as comfortable as is possible at this harrowing time.

The Clan has always primarily been a source of comfort and strength for me. A gang of old friends that you know you can always turn to. And even though we may not all be able to meet regularly, the reach of the Clan has always been wide and we know that as family and friends, we will ultimately always be there for one another. While these times now seem so dark, the solace that can be found in the kind words of our kith and kin, with whom we share so much common history and interests, can help us all see through to brighter days. As so many of us are now largely physically cut off from one another, with uncertainty over how long this will last, we can at least be thankful that modern communication means we can be electronically just a click away.

Vanessa, Kyla and myself are fine right now. Kyla is blissfully unaware of global events, and seems much more interested in rolling over, squealing and grabbing my glasses from my face. My need to pay so much attention to her, and, of course, her innocence, is a welcome distraction from the crisis. Singapore’s border has effectively been closed, but at the time of writing I am still going to work, as we are not currently under any lockdown. But social distancing measures are being strengthened and the situation out here, as everywhere, changes day by day.

Despite the worry of the situation, may our common ties and friendship help us through these bleak days, to remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

And to those of you on the front-line and those who are providing help to others in whatever way you can, our respect and thanks are immeasurable. My thoughts are with you all, and let us hope that it will not be too long before we can get through this and will be able to meet together again.

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