Kingsmills Hotel Inverness

The Annual Gathering and Moy Fair will be held between Thursday 3rd and Saturday 5th August 2023. Details are below and we look forward to seeing you there!

Annual Gathering 2023


Thursday 3rd August

Annual General Meeting and Dinner

  • 4pm Meet in the Culcabock Room for tea or coffee, and a get together with new and old friends.
  • 5pm The Annual General Meeting.
  • 6pm Pre-dinner drink.
  • 7pm 2 course Dinner and coffee served in the Kingsmills dining room. (Please let us know of any dietary requirements)

Booking is essential and you can do that in our online shop here

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Moy Sports Fair 2023

Friday 4th and Saturday 5th August 2023

Relax and enjoy some Highland hospitality in the Clan Tent. Browse through some of the past publications and visit the museum or take a walk up to the Lachlan Mackintosh memorial and enjoy the view.

The Clan Tent will be open:

Friday 4th August 10am – 5pm
Saturday 5th August 10 am – 2pm

Please note that there is an entrance charge to the Moy Country Fair, for more information please go to

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Clan Chattan Coat of Arms
Clan Chattan Coat of Arms

In 2019 a decision was made by The Clan Chattan Association Council to have our own Coat of Arms.

Norman McPherson, who had some experience of heraldry and his own coat of arms, volunteered to come up with some design ideas for discussion.

First and fore most we wanted to incorporate images and symbols relevant to our Association. After weeks of discussion a design was agreed upon, and an image was produced by professional heraldic painter Kevin Greig. The symbols incorporated included Scottish Wildcats, whortleberry, boxwood, and the original wildcat image (which has adorned the Journal  since 1933), the motto ‘Together, Stronger’ in Gaelic. A ‘Petition of Arms’ was sent along with the final image, to the Lord Lyons Office, which was subsequently approved.

The Lyon Court assigned an artist, and working from the letters patent, produced their interpretation of it. This interpretation does differ from Kevin Greigs’ original image which is the one we will be using in the future.

Extract from The Letters Patent:

Videlicet:  – Or, a chevron Vert between in chief two Scottish wildcat faces affrontée all Proper and in base a lymphad Proper, sails furled Argent,  flags and pennon Vert, Above the Shield is placed an Helm suitable to an Incorporation, videlicit:- a sallet Proper lined Gules, with a mantling Vert doubled Or, and on a wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest on a mound Vert between a sprig of boxwood and a sprig of whortleberry a Scottish wildcat couchant reguardant all Proper and in an Escrol over the same this Motto “COMHLA NAS LAIDIRE”. 

Due to the covid outbreak and the vagaries of lockdown rules our Coat of Arms was not completed until mid 2022. In August 2022 at our AGM in Inverness the Lord Lyon, King of Arms for Scotland, presented the letters of Patent to John Mackintosh of Mackintosh, President of the Clan Chattan Association.

The original document will be kept safely at the Highland Archive Centre in Inverness. This document was photographed in it’s original size and framed. The framed copy is also currently at the Archive Centre.

Sadly, Norman McPherson died in November 2020 and was not able to see the completion of his dedicated work.

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Her Majesty the Queen

Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II

On behalf of the Council and the members of The Clan Chattan Association.

The Clan Chattan Association council, its President and Vice-Presidents, and its membership worldwide, extend heartfelt thoughts and condolences to King Charles III and his extended family. The late Queen Elizabeth II was a hearthstone for us all, an example and a symbol of what true dedication and loyalty are. She was a chieftain of chieftains.

Council of the Clan Chattan Association
The Clan Chattan Association shares with its members and friends’ great sadness at the news that Queen Elizabeth II has died. For the vast majority of us, she is the only monarch we have known and has played a significant role in many of our lives, providing a thread of continuity during periods of change and challenge.

Regardless of individual views on monarchy we can all acknowledge she lived an extraordinary life, playing a central role in the United Kingdom and international affairs. She exemplified the great virtues of public service.

Her love of Scotland was well known and very evident right until the end of her reign. She took a great interest in the history and culture of the Highlands. Her fondness for the bagpipes being a high-profile example, alongside patronage of the Royal National Mod, a key annual event celebrating Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage. While there is no doubt that Scotland has lost a great friend and champion, we take comfort in knowing that King Charles III shares many of these interests and values his time in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II will be sadly missed; our thoughts are with her family and loved ones.


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Many of Clan Chattan had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of Richard McBain of Mcbain during the August Clan Chattan Gathering. He is the 23rd hereditary Chief of the Clan, in succession to his late father, James McBain of McBain.

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