The 2021 Association gathering has been cancelled.

The council are, however planning a ‘Virtual AGM’ around early August. We would encourage as many members as possible to participate.

Please check the website for updates.

The Council
Clan Chattan Association

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I do hope that you and your nearest and dearest are safe and as comfortable as is possible at this harrowing time.

The Clan has always primarily been a source of comfort and strength for me. A gang of old friends that you know you can always turn to. And even though we may not all be able to meet regularly, the reach of the Clan has always been wide and we know that as family and friends, we will ultimately always be there for one another. While these times now seem so dark, the solace that can be found in the kind words of our kith and kin, with whom we share so much common history and interests, can help us all see through to brighter days. As so many of us are now largely physically cut off from one another, with uncertainty over how long this will last, we can at least be thankful that modern communication means we can be electronically just a click away.

Vanessa, Kyla and myself are fine right now. Kyla is blissfully unaware of global events, and seems much more interested in rolling over, squealing and grabbing my glasses from my face. My need to pay so much attention to her, and, of course, her innocence, is a welcome distraction from the crisis. Singapore’s border has effectively been closed, but at the time of writing I am still going to work, as we are not currently under any lockdown. But social distancing measures are being strengthened and the situation out here, as everywhere, changes day by day.

Despite the worry of the situation, may our common ties and friendship help us through these bleak days, to remember that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

And to those of you on the front-line and those who are providing help to others in whatever way you can, our respect and thanks are immeasurable. My thoughts are with you all, and let us hope that it will not be too long before we can get through this and will be able to meet together again.

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Please note that the following events have been cancelled:

  • The AHCS meeting and talk (April 17th) is cancelled
  • The Culloden Memorial (April 18th) is cancelled
  • The Inverness Highland Games (July 17th) is cancelled
  • The Clan MacGillivray Gathering (15-18 July) Cancelled/postponed
  • Scotweek in Los Angeles has been postponed until September 25th

So far there has been no decision on cancelling the Clan Chattan Association Gathering due for 6th-8th August, but will report it on this page and Facebook as soon as one has been made. Thank you for your continued support and stay well.

Clan Chattan Association

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Picture of Lochardil House

The Annual Gathering is fast approaching us again between the 6th-8th August 2020.

The Annual General

Picture of Lochardil House

The Lochardil House Hotel, Inverness.

  • 4pm: Gather together. Light refreshments will be available
  • 5pm: The AGM of the Clan Chattan Association
  • 7pm: Clan Chattan Association Dinner

Price £35 and tickets can now be bought in our online shop.

7th and Saturday 8th August 2020

The Highland Field Sports, Moy

Clan Tent

Relax and enjoy some
Highland hospitality in the Clan Tent. Browse through some of the past journals
and visit the museum or take a walk up to the Lachlan Mackintosh memorial and
enjoy the view.

The Clan Tent will be open

Friday 7th August    
10am – 5pm

Saturday 8th August  
10 am – 2pm

Please note that there is an entry fee for the Field Sports (cash only) There is no charge for car parking.


If you wish to mail in your reservation with your remittance, please download the paper form below or go to our online shop and pay and reserve online.

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We are changing our e-mail address.

Please change your e-mail contact details for us to:

The previous e-mail contact address will be phased out over the next few months.

Postal address is:

Clan Chattan Association

36 Rullion Road


EH26 9HX


Please remember that if you have changed your contact details then we need to update our database. Please notify us of changes.

KEEP IN TOUCH Membership secretary – Denise McIntosh

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