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The MacPhails are of the old Clan Chattan and most likely descend from a Paul Cattanach of Lochaber, in the western Highlands near the present Fort William.  MacPhail means  “The son of Paul”   Originally the MacPhails had a stronghold until 1291 at Fassifern, which is about ten miles west of Fort William. When Eva the heiress to Dougal Dall the then Chief of the Clan Chattan married Angus, 6th Chief of Clan Mackintosh.  Dougal gave Angus the Chiefship of Clan Chattan along with his Daughter.  At this point the Clan Chattan moved to Badenoch in the East, where The Mackintosh had estates.  However some MacPhails stayed behind in the west and eventually integrated with the Cameron’s and later lower down in Argyll with the Campbell’s.  The MacPhails have always been considered to be from “old Clan Chattan stock”, and not of the blood of the Mackintosh, but closer to the other old tribes, of Macphersons, MacBeans and Cattanachs.

The MacPhails of Inverarnie (Chiefly family) had numerous Chiefs from the earliest times, however the first recorded Chief was Duncan MakDonequhy Dow MacPhail 1st Chief who owned half lands and held deeds for Tullich and Elrig in 1546. The last Chief was Paul MacPhail who died in Australia in 1904 with no heir.

Motto: “Memor Esto” Be Mindfull

Clan Badge: Red Whortleberry

Septs: MacPhail, MacPheal, MacPhaile, MacPhayll, McFall, MacFall, McFaul, McFell

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