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Chief: Andrew P.C. MacThomas of Finegand



The Clan takes it’s name from Thomas, known in Gaelic as Tomaidh Mor (big Tommy) who was a descendant of the Clan Chattan Mackintoshes, his Grandfather being a son of William 8th Chief of Clan Chattan. Thomas lived in the 15th century at a time when the Clan Chattan Confederation was becoming large and unmanageable and so he took his kinsmen and followers across the Grampians from Badenoch to Glenshee where they settled and flourished being known as McComie, McColm and MacComas.

To the government in Edinburgh, they were known as MacThomas and are so described in The Roll of the Clans in the Acts of the Scottish Parliament in 1587 and 1595. MacThomas remains the official name of the Clan to this day, notwithstanding the fact that few of it’s members have ever actually been named MacThomas.

The 7th Chief was John McComie (McComie Mor) and his deeds have passed into the folklore of Pertshire and Angus, where the legends surrounding this highland hero abound.

Motto: I shall overcome envy with God’s help

Clan Badge: Snowberry

Septs:  Comb, Combie, McColm, McComas, McComb, McCombie, McComie, McComish, Macomie, MacOmie, MacOmish, Macthomas, Tam, Thom, Thomas, Thoms, Thomson.

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