Clan Shaw Badge

Clann AyClan Shaw Tartan

Chief: Iain Shaw of Tordarroch


With a common stem that goes back to the Earls of Fife, the history of the Shaws and the Mackintoshes is as deeply interwoven as the tartans they wear.

The word Shaw is a corrupt Anglicised rendering of part of the ancient Gaelic style Toiseachmeaning first, foremost or leader, and is still the name given to the premier of Eire.

Motto: Fide et fortitudine (by fidelity and fortitude)

Clan Badge: Red Whortleberry

Septs: Ayson (N.Z.), Adamson, Esson, MacAy, MacHay, Shiach, Sheach, Sheath, Seith, Seth, Skaith, Scaith