Clann An ToisichClan Mackintosh Tartan

Chief: John L. Mackintosh of Mackintosh BA (Hons)


Shaw Macduff, son of the Earl of Fife, was appointed keeper of the Royal Castle of Inverness around 1163 and received lands at Petty and in Strathdearn. He took the name Mac an Toiseach – The son of Thane (a noble acting as an official of the crown). The connection with Clan Chattan began in 1291 through the marriage of Eva and Angus and, for almost 650 years, the Chief of Clan Mackintosh was also the Captain of Clan Chattan.

Motto: Touch not the Cat bot a glove

Clan Badge: Red Whortleberry

Septs: Adamson, Ayson, Aysons of N.Z., Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clerk, Crerar, Dallas, Elder, Esson, Glen, Glennie, Gollan, Heggie, Hardie, Hardy, MacAndrew, MacAy, MacCardney, MacClerich, MacChiery, McConchy, Macglashan, Machardie, Machardy, Machay, Mackeggie, MacKillican, MacLerie, MacNiven, MacRitchie, Niven, Noble, Ritchie, Tarrill, Tosh and Toshach.